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If you’re watching The Great British Bake Off this season, you know there aren’t many things better in life than a middle-aged Italian saying “Mamma Mia!” when under pressure. But here to rival that number-one best thing is a discovery: One serum that gives all the anti-aging results of retinol in record time — and without the doomsday drying that retinol can inflict. 

I’ve been using retinol every night for the last three years, but I vividly remember the first time I tried the ingredient. I was handed a tube of an expensive anti-aging treatment while working as a beauty assistant, and figured there was no time like the present to give the legendary ingredient a spin. Novice that I was, I applied it without a moisturizer and promptly saw my skin fall away in flakes the next day. It was traumatic, but thanks to innovative newcomers like bidens pilosa and the bakuchiol in Tula’s Retinol Alternative Wrinkle Treatment Drops, now no one needs to risk that timeline. 

“It’s a yes from me. I hated using retinol, but knew its benefits,” wrote one person of Tula’s serum. “This product eliminated the terrible burning and redness I would get from actual retinol, [and] my skin looks tighter and more even. I just bought my second bottle.” Repeat buyers abound in the comments, where reviewers say that the formula smoothed out “horrible wrinkles” around their eyes and “made a world of difference” for silky smooth, younger-looking skin. 

Whether they found their way to it while pregnant or on the hunt for an anti-ager fit for sensitive, dry, and irritation-prone skin, customers say they’re impressed with the brightening, firming effects they see in around two weeks. But things really start to look different in a little over a month: “Makes my skin feel so hydrated, and the appearance of fine lines is drastically reduced,” wrote a shopper of their thoughts at the six-week benchmark.  

Your mileage may vary, though. In just a week’s time, one person says they were deeply pleased with the effects. “No irritation, and it does seem to be working on my fine lines around my eyes and the larger lines on my forehead.” As a last 80-year-old shopper wrote, it’s even succeeded at making their “aging skin” soft again, and dark circles less outstanding. “This product feels amazing, and I think it’s making the wrinkles less prominent. Just had a great dermatology check up, so I must be doing something right.” 

Intrigued? Want to exclaim “Mamma Mia!” at your face, but in a good way? Try the serum for $68.

Source: https://www.instyle.com/beauty/tula-retinol-wrinkle-treatment-serum

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