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When we first got word that celeb-favorite skin-care brand Augustinus Bader—named after the German stem cell scientist who created it—was diving into the world of hair care, we were surprised, in a good way. It’s only been three short years since its launch, but in that time, those luxurious royal blue bottles became mainstays on vanities all across the world. (If you haven’t tried The Cream, or The Rich Cream now that we’re headed into winter, the time has come.)

However, unsurprisingly, the science behind the brand lends itself well to scalp health, too. Bader’s patented ingredient, TFC8—a mix of amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules that support cellular renewal—is included in each product in the collection, which took 18 months to formulate and includes The Shampoo, The Conditioner, The Leave-In Hair Treatment, The Scalp Treatment, and The Hair Oil. There’s also one accessory, The Neem Comb, which the brand recommends pairing with the topicals.

Though it’s pretty advanced science, the TLDR version is that TFC8 works with the body’s own cellular repair codes to make sure all those active ingredients get where they need to go and do what they need to do. The result: thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair with continued use. Over time, hair becomes stronger and more hydrated from the root, and shedding and breakage are reduced.

All of the products are fragrance-free, except The Hair Oil, which is free of synthetic fragrances like the others but boasts a natural scent due to the rose and geranium oils in the formula. Additionally, the packaging uses 100-percent glass bottles to help with sustainability efforts, and the carton and included leaflets are FSC-certified and recyclable.

Another German skin-care brand releasing hair care for the first time this week (look for it here on Thursday) is Dr. Barbara Sturm, also world-renowned. The new vegan Molecular Hair & Scalp Collection features three subcategories to suit different hair needs, including Balancing, Super Antiaging and Anti-Hair Fall. Each one includes a shampoo and scalp serum with unique formulations Dr. Sturm created to protect the hair and scalp from external aggressors and maintain optimal health. Two additional products—Hydrating Conditioner and Repair Hair Mask—can easily be incorporated into any of the three collections for an extra moisture boost.

“Maintaining a healthy scalp, with a balanced microbiome, is essential to prevent itching, dandruff, redness and excessive oiliness and to effectively deliver the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth,” says Dr. Sturm. “I created this collection using advanced science formulations that promote a clear and healthy scalp. As a doctor, I insisted on extraordinary hair products that strictly avoided unhealthy ingredients such as sulfates, silicones and fragrances. Instead, we chose to use potent ingredient science that supports the healthy functions of our scalp and hair.”

The Balancing duo is best for those with inflamed or irritated scalps who are looking for calming formulas with anti-flake and anti-itch properties. Super Antiaging is for those whose hair is damaged or lifeless and in need of restoration and repair, and Anti-Hair Fall is for stronger, fuller, healthier hair and helps to nourish the hair shaft for an “anti-splitting” effect and less breakage. All three serums can be used on a wet or dry scalp and applied to the ends of the hair using the included pipette. Dr. Sturm recommends massaging them in gently with your fingertips and leaving not washing them out.

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