Shopify merchants can capture customer video reviews at scale, publish videos to their stores, and allow shoppers to search inside videos to expedite their purchase decisions.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vyrill today announced it is launching an In-Video Search app for Shopify merchants to deliver on their 3 most important KPIs – customer acquisition, page engagement, and revenue. The new Vyrill In-Video Search app allows merchants to curate user-generated video content (UGVC) and feature it on their product pages, along with branded and influencer videos. Shoppers can then search “inside” these videos with an in-video search and filter bar to quickly find what they’re looking for and hear reviewers talk about specific product information, thereby expediting their purchase decisions.

“Vyrill is the ‘Google’ for in-video search, allowing brands to understand what’s being said inside each video, by whom, and their level of relevance and influence,” says Ajay Bam, CEO of Vyrill. “We analyze and make sense of massive amounts of video data on multiple platforms in multiple languages. The results allow merchants to use relevant, authentic, and brand-safe video content to make the entire shopping experience more personal and engaging. Our video intelligence helps merchants optimize the best video content to drive higher conversion on product pages.”

In fact, Vyrill customers have seen a 2X to 5X increase in page engagement and up to 38% higher conversion rates depending on the product, category and quality of videos on their stores.

“Our consumers connect with us through authentic videos,” said Yolanda Owens, CEO of iwi fresh, a farm-to-skin product and services business on Shopify. “Vyrill allows us to find and license videos on YouTube and TikTok, capture new video reviews, and analyze all of our video content to improve our video strategy. By adding more relevant customer and branded videos to our website, we’ve increased our conversion rates and revenue. You can’t put a price tag on this level of engagement.”

“Since we have many brand videos and customer-generated videos, being able to align all this content to our products is invaluable,” said Orion Brown, CEO and founder of BlackTravelBox®, a natural hair and body care company dedicated to empowering multicultural travelers. “Digging through hours of content to find the meaningful nuggets and subject matter people care about is insanely time-consuming. Vyrill automatically gives us an in-depth understanding of what’s being captured in this rich video data so we can give our customers a better, relevant experience.”

Vyrill In-Video Search is available to install from the Shopify App store. Shopify merchants can start a 30-day free trial and lock in a 25% discount for the first year if they sign up by December 31st, 2022.

To learn more about the Vyrill In-Video Search app, visit https://www.vyrill.com/shopify.

About Vyrill

Vyrill provides a video marketing & intelligence platform for brands to capture, discover, analyze, license and publish video content to e-commerce platforms and use in marketing campaigns. Powered by proprietary AI and powerful, best-in-class, ‘In-video’ search technology, Vyrill helps marketers increase brand awareness and revenue using fan-led video content such as authentic fan reactions, reviews, shoutouts, unboxing, and how-to videos. Vyrill captures and indexes branded, influencer, and shopper video content in one place from multiple platforms, including YouTube and TikTok, making all video content instantly searchable and useful for internal marketing teams.

Media Contact – TASHA NESBITT, Senior Head of Growth Marketing: [email protected]


Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vyrill-unveils-in-video-search-app-for-shopify-301649058.html

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