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MANILA — Ever wondered how Kathryn Bernardo takes care of her skin after hours of wearing makeup in front of the camera? 

The Kapamilya star shared beauty tips in her latest vlog, which showed step-by-step how she gets “unready” after a day of taping.

The first part involves removing all of her makeup using micellar water and organic cotton pads, followed by rinsing her face with water and a facial scrub.

Bernardo said she exfoliates her face once a week, as opposed to daily for some people, because she has sensitive and dry skin.

“I like to use cold water every time I wash my face. I feel like mas nagko-close ‘yung pores ko,” she said.

Bernardo then applies cleanser before wiping her face with facial tissue instead of a towel, saying that it is “more hygienic.”

She goes on to use the following products, from “thin to thick” — toner, serum, and eye cream — before locking everything in with a moisturizer.

As she ends her skin care routine with lip balm to prevent chapped lips, Bernardo reminded her fans and viewers to “never sleep with your makeup on.”

“For all the girls out there, no matter how tired you are or how drunk you are, make sure to always wash your face because sleeping with your makeup on can really cause pimples, magka-clog ‘yung pores mo,” the actress stressed. 

“In order to have good skin, you need to invest time and effort. You really have to be consistent… You really need to find a way to enjoy doing these things,” she added.

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