WaterScience brings water conditioning filters for skin and hair care protection – BSI bureau

The filters reduce the effects of hardness in water, making water cleaner and safer for use

Leading water purification company WaterScience is offering solutions for India’s specific water quality conditions. WaterScience filters reduce the effects of hardness in water, making water cleaner and safer for use. This filtered water can be used in your kitchens, showers and laundry rooms, with better water improving overall hygiene, health and beauty.


Already a huge hit among customers, the unique filters convert hazardous chemicals present in hard water into harmless, which ultimately result in better hygiene and better hair and skin health. The company is getting a phenomenal response for its innovative solutions and has serviced up to 3,00,000 households so far. The company also plans to expand to 2,000 outlets by the end of the financial year.


“Realising that 97 per cent of the water we use is not for drinking, we are exploring the concept of non-drinking water filtration to protect people from the perilous effects of hard water on their skin and hair.  The products are Made in India and made for the Indian water conditions. We aim to be present by the end of the financial year across various retail channels, supermarkets, hardware outlets, dermatologists, and bath fittings showrooms, ” said Pavithra Rao, Co-Founder, WaterScience.


Continuous research, development, and innovation have expanded the range to include 8 more products to their portfolio. The company develops shower filters, tap filters, washing machine filters, kitchen tap filters, and filters for the whole house primarily apart from aromatherapy shower filters and water-saving nozzle. Notably, one of its shower filters, the CLEO Multi-Flow Shower Filter, has received the highest water-saving star rating from the IAPMO.



Source: https://www.biospectrumindia.com/news/60/19883/waterscience-brings-water-conditioning-filters-for-skin-and-hair-care-protection.html

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