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One doesn’t get healthy and beautiful hair without putting in the necessary efforts to maintain them. An expert shares some tips to help prevent winter hair fall, giving you lustrous locks.

Turns out, seasonal hair loss is a real thing. Research has shown that people can experience increased hair shedding in the late fall and winter months compared to the summer months. While there are many theories as to why this happens, one common notion is that we hang on to more hair during the warmer months to protect from the sun, and shed the most hair in the colder months when they’re less required.

Natural ways to prevent or stop hair fall

Here are a few tips and methods that you can adopt to make your hair healthy, thick, and silky.

  1. Go for chemical-free products: One of the major reasons for hair damage today is the usage of strong chemical products. Over some time, their constant use weakens the hair follicles, changes the hair texture, and can also lead to early greying. The first step to taking care of hair is to throw away all your hard chemical products, which are generally very cheap, and replace them with chemical-free, natural hair-care products.
  2. Avoid taking long, hot showers: Taking long hot showers removes the moisture from your hair and scalp which leaves them dry and frizzy. In the long run, heat can also damage the hair irreversibly. So, do indulge in hot showers to beat the chill, but only for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Eat healthily and stay hydrated: Unhealthy diets coupled with a lack of essential vitamins, minerals, and other hair nutrients in your diet can result in hair loss. Vitamin A stirs up healthy production of sebum in the scalp, vitamin E stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to help hair follicles remain productive and vitamin B helps in maintaining the hair’s health. Poor diet coupled with nutritional deficiencies inhibits your body’s ability to create new hair follicles. Ensure you consume sufficient green meals and proteins as required in cold weather. Eating lean meats, curd, fish, soy or other proteins promotes hair growth and keeps a check on hair loss.
  4. Hot oil massage: Regularly massaging your hair with oil is essential to maintain its strength and shine as well as for nourishing the hair cuticles. For this purpose, it’s best to combine 5 essential hair oils – Bhringraj oil, Bhrami oil, Argan oil, Almond Oil, and Coconut oil. All these oils lend their protective and nourishment capabilities to keep the hair healthy. Make sure to warm the oil before applying. If the goal is to thicken the hair, then add castor oil and Vitamin E to the mixture, apply on the roots and leave for at least 2-3 hours before washing your hair. To combat grey hair, add black sesame oil to the mixture.
  5. Use the right kind of hair products as per your hair type: You use a plethora of hair products including hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. Choosing the right hair product that suits your hair needs is a critical part of preventing hair loss. For example, if you have dry hair, opt for products that offer deep conditioning.
  6. Use honey to moisturize: Nothing can beat the effectiveness of natural ingredients to manage common hair problems. Avoid dandruff, frizz, and dullness of hair during winters by masking your hair from root to end tips with honey and a little coconut milk. Cover the hair and let it stay for at least 30 minutes, then wash hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry naturally.
  7. Steam: With regular steaming, one can effectively regain hair strength, reduce dullness by increasing moisture content in scalp and hair, nourish the hair by opening the follicles, induce good hair health, reduce hair-fall, and last but not the least, make the hair smooth and shiny.

All set to control hair fall in winter?

Make these tips a routine for your winter hair care and make great hair with great care! This winter, bid adieu to all your hair woes and leave all those bad hair days behind.


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