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While you need to have an overall healthy lifestyle to have shiny, bouncy hair, there are a few everyday habits that you can change to achieve the best results for a gorgeous mane! Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli took to Instagram to share some extremely relevant advice. Take a look at the post here:

”Hair care, like other beauty practices, has only gotten more airtime over the years. People are now more aware and careful about the products they use. You might be aware of the common practices that end up destroying your hair, like excessive use of heat styling tools, too much chemical usage, etc. But you might not know that there are simple everyday things we all do that are causing more damage to our hair than we realised.”

Read on to know details about her suggestions:

Hot water shower

A hot water shower seems warm and comforting during the colder season but try to not reach for it on hair-wash days. Hot water is known to strip hair strands of moisture and natural oils, thereby making them look dull and lifeless. Dr Kohli said, ”Hot water strips your hair of natural oils, leaving them extremely dry and lacklustre.”

Constant heat styling

While styling tools make your hair look gorgeous, heat based tools cause more harm than good. Using heat to style your hair almost everyday leads to moisture loss, frizz and breakage. This makes your hair brittle and prone to split ends over time. Opt for non-heat based styling tools such as curlers.

Letting your scalp go unchecked

If you have an unproblematic scalp, you’re okay. But if you already have a sensitive scalp, do not let it go unchecked — “It can cause scalp irritation, hair loss and worsen cases of eczema, psoriasis etc.,” warned Dr Kohli.

Stepping outside with wet hair

Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to dry hair, style it and then leave the house. Try and avoid these instances as “cold air makes the moisture still in your hair to freeze, thereby separating the strands, causing an increase in breakage, split ends and frizz.”

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