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It’s winter! It is that time of the year when people love the weather but hate how it impacts their skin and hair. For people already facing skin and hair problems, this is time they need to be extra cautious about it.

With cold weather comes a dry scalp and frizzy hair. Many people find it extremely difficult to manage their hair during winters. We at LatestLY, have curated a list of hair care tips that you must follow this winter to keep your hair strong, shining and frizz-free. How to Prevent Your Scalp From Getting Dry and Itchy in The Cold Weather.

1. Careful Combing

During winters, the hair already tends to be dry and rough, which leads to excessive breakage. To avoid hair breakage and damage to the scalp, start combing your hair from mid hair length, going downwards, and then come to the roots. This will reduce the pressure on the scalp and minimise breakage.

2. Water Intake

Water intake is very important during every season. During winters, as the liquid consumption goes down, it makes the hair and skin go dry. Therefore, stay well hydrated because your hair needs it.

3. Conditioner is Must

Conditioner will help in moisturising the outermost layer of your hair, making it smooth, shiny and frizz-free which further helps in reducing hair breakage. Just take 5 minutes after you shampoo your hair to condition and make your hair healthy and shining.

4. Oil

A hot oil massage with coconut or olive oil will keep your hair moisturised, thus, avoiding problems like dandruff, scalp irritation and flakiness which further could lead to hair fall.

5. Keep Your Hair Covered

Use satin or a silk scarf to keep your hair covered and safe from snow and dry wind. Prevent friction with cotton or woollen clothes as it would further cause dryness to the hair.

Winters can be good to enjoy but bad for hair and skin. Just give a few minutes every day to your hair and maintain the shine and strength of your hair by following our haircare tips.

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