Women Pay Twice as Much for Hair Care Than Men – WFXB

Guys actually spend more on haircuts per year than girls. Of the $257.42 that women spend annually at hair salons, only 40% of that is actually going towards haircuts the remaining $154 is funding additional services hair coloring, straightening, blowouts, etc. The money spent guys dish out for that…zero. If you factor in how often guys get haircuts on average once every 2 months versus 4 times a year for us ladies, guys spend an average of $158.90 vs. our $104.21. These numbers are averages, on the high end some are paying $400-$500, more than they pay for house utilities.

Source: https://www.wfxb.com/2021/11/19/women-pay-twice-as-much-for-hair-care-than-men/

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