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MAKEUP can be all fun and games until you start noticing breakouts on your skin.

And although you might think it’s caused by that new foundation, it’s most likely not.


Makeup brushes quickly become filled with dirt and bacteriaCredit: TikTok


One life hack guru said he knows the way to rid them of germs entirelyCredit: TikTok

One life hack expert, who goes by @Creative_Explained on TikTok, revealed you need to clean your brushes properly to avoid any clogged pores.

Along with that tidbit of information, he claimed to know the best way to clean makeup brushes.

In the clip, he began: “Put some baking soda in a cup, then put your makeup brush in it and coat it in the baking soda.”

Next, he added a generous pour of white vinegar to the cup.

The formula began to bubble and rise.

“Watch it sizzle the bacteria away,” he said.

After letting the brush soak in the cup for about five minutes, he said to grab half a lemon.

“Rub the brush against the lemon-like this—like you’re painting on a lemon.”

Next, rinse the brush under cold water and wrap it in a piece of paper towel to begin drying.

The final step involves a wire clothes hanger.

“Grab a coat hanger, grab the brush, grab a hair tie.

“Wrap the hair tie around the brush on the coat hanger, then hang it up somewhere and let it dry.”

The cleaning guru said this method is a better alternative to those makeup brush cleaners that “contain toxic chemicals.”

Although many people found the tip useful, a few thought the process was too time-consuming:

“Too many steps for this one lol,” one person wrote.

“I will just use a makeup brush cleaner thank you very much,” added another.


While the hack may seem complicated, it’s actually pretty simple to followCredit: TikTok

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